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UO's knit and craft community

not your grandma's knitting circle

University of Oregon's knit and craft community
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UO Stitch & Bitch meets every Tuesday at 5:30pm under the skylight in the EMU.

We're an informal knitting/craft group.
Everyone is welcome, from students to staff to Eugene residents, from the most experienced to those interested in learning.
Join the community, introduce yourself and talk about your crafting, or just show up some night. You don't have to be in the lj community to come; but we'd love for you to come if you're in the community!

There's an FAQ up which should cover most questions about Stitch & Bitch, but please ask if you have more questions.

This community was mostly created in order to have information up about Stitch & Bitch, but it's also a place to talk about current projects, keep the rest of the group updated on what you've been working on, compare local or online stores, get advice, ask to borrow something, arrange trades, or discuss what classes are best for knitting in.