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Jun. 13th, 2005 @ 01:13 pm
I think I may want to learn how to knit. I never once have tried, but it catches my eye. I do sew though. I need to get some projects in the works come to think of it. So, tell me something great about knitting. Show me something mesmerizing I could create. Oh, and tell me if I must be a student of the U of O to join your group. My name is Genevieve by the way.
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Apr. 24th, 2005 @ 03:22 am
So I was just wondering, about how many members are there in UO's stitch n bitch?

I'm so excited to be part of this stitch in bitch next year! I've seriously gone to all my friends at school and told them I discovered UO's stitch n bitch and they all think I'm crazy. Oh well.
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calling crocheters Apr. 24th, 2005 @ 02:12 am
Eugene area crocheters? I have a request.

You see, I'm making this dressCollapse ) for my niece.

It has a matching beretCollapse ) which I'd like to make, but it's half crocheted. Now, I don't crochet. I've played with it in the past, and made a serviceable freeform hat for myself, but I simply don't have the crochet skills to follow this pattern, and really don't have the time to learn by the end of May.

If someone out there would be willing to work the crocheted bit for me, I'd gladly repay the favor with knitting lessons, a comparable knit object, or yarn. Or cookies, or whatever. That and my eternal gratitude. I realize it's a long shot, but it'd make my month, so let me know if you're interested.

All righty then. See you kids Tuesday!
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field trip! Apr. 21st, 2005 @ 01:51 pm
We're thinking of going out to dyelots! out on Polk and 6th for a field trip this Saturday, and people are welcome to come along. :D

I, uh, don't know what time we're planning on going (the shop is open from 11 to 4), but we can figure it out in comments.

Also, don't forget, we ARE meeting again, but on TUESDAY nights, not Monday.
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Spring Term meeting times! Apr. 15th, 2005 @ 05:31 pm
Okay, business! Sorry it's taken so long.

All right, poll results indicate that Tuesday is the best day of the week, with the most people preferring it and the fewest people unable to attend. In the past we've met at 5:30 and knit into the evening hours, so people can come after work. Unless there are objections, I'm going to stick with this timing.

And so, UO Stitch & Bitch Spring Term will be meeting regularly on Tuesday evenings from 5:30. We'll be in the usual area, in the EMU Skylight. I'll update the FAQ and community info to reflect this change as well.

If you have any more questions, comments or complaints, reply to this post or check the FAQ.

I hope to see a lot of you next week!
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» *blink blink* We have an SNB?!

A friend of mine directed me here. I've been attending the U of O for almost two years now, and I've been knitting for almost two months. I learned to knit from the SNB book.

...and I had absolutely no idea that we had an SNB at the U of O. I checked out the community info, but I couldn't find any information on when the group meets. I would love to find out.

Thank you so much for creating this community.

EDIT: Gee, it really helps when one can actually read the FAQ. So, now I know when the meetings are, but the happiness at finding this community still stands.
» Future UO Knitter
Hey guys! I'm Alexa, a senior in high school from San Francisco. I'll be a freshman at University of Oregon next year. It's really awesome that you have a stitch n bitch at school. I'm completely obsessed with knitting. I hope the stitch n bitch is still there next year so I'll have people to share my knitting with and the like. I've made a billion scarves and hats, a couple pairs of mittens, one poncho, two bags, one shawl, one pair of socks and . . . I think that's it. I'm making a sweater soon, I hope. I just need to buy the yarn.

At the back of Stitch 'N Bitch Nation, a yarn store in Eugene called Dyelots is mentioned. Has anyone been to it? Is it any good?

I love the response to "why is my stockinette curling?" on the FAQ. I've taught so many people who to knit and they all ask that.

Anyway, happy knitting and other DIY type stuff!
» Prospective student to UO
Does anyone know of someone staying at the UO dorms? Do you go to UO? If so, and you wouldn't mind/they wouldn't mind having a prospective student stay in their dorm for just tonight please let me know. Oh, and for my mom's sake, only the gals.

I'm going to the Duck Days tomarrow and sitting in on classes.
Thank you, (sorry about the cross posts), Klayr


P.S. any other information about UO or Eugene is greatly appreciated.
» hello hello
Welcome back for another term. Let's start off by figuring out when it would be most convenient for us to all meet.

Remember, we meet in the EMU skylight.

Poll #463568 spring term scheduling

What weekday evening would be BEST for you?


What weekday evening would be WORST for you?


We will be there for a while tonight, if you want to come (I'm heading over right now). Check back to see what we decide on for future meetings.

Later, kids.
» Hi!
Hello! I'm so glad I found this community; I just asked about The Knit Shop and Soft Horizons in eugenecommunity.. I forgot I saw this community here a few weeks ago.

I don't know how to knit, and each time my mother tries to teach me it doesn't work. I'm hoping to learn eventually, though... I may take a class at Michael's or something. But for now I have to rely on my mama... I found a pattern for a HP scarf on atypicallyknit.com, and decided I want to be one of those crazy fans at this year's release party. If only I could have something really cool, like a cloak... or my own knitted Weasley sweater... :)

If only I didn't go to University in California, I'd be at the EMU with bells on.. but since I'm only here in summer or breaks, that's not going to work. But I'd like to lurk and listen (well, read) if you don't mind.

Well... I'm off to see if I can find any other HP designs.
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